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Concord Doha LLC Open Ceremony

Doha Time 23rd October 2016, 10:15, Concord Doha LLC grand opening, HollySys CEO Mr. Shao, Concord COO Mr. Joseph Sung, Concord Group operations director Mr. Gan Boon Len, Concord Doha LLC GM Soo Wei Lek, Concord Dubai Branch GM Peck See Kee, and all Doha employees witnessed the celebration.

At the meeting, Concord Group operations director Gan Boon Len, Doha LLC GM Soo Wei Lek and related project lead introduced the company profile and project progress.

Concord Corporation is one of the subsidiary companies of HollySys, specializes in design engineering, procurement, project management, installation, testing & commissioning, and maintenance mainly for rail transportation infrastructure. Concord successfully signed a significant contract to provide electrical installation services for Doha Metro Phase 1 project, setting up Concord"s Doha LLC will help to enhance the services in local market. Concord"s Doha LLC is the result of years of hard work in the Middle East market, an important milestone for Concord Corporation"s development, and one of the start point for HollySys to enter the Middle East market.

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