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With our tradition of service excellence, high quality of work and zero loss-time accidents,Concordsuccessfully achieves customer satisfaction leading to repeat orders from our regular customers. Customer commendations as well as referrals have steadily increased our clientele in the region over the last 25 years.

- Transportations


• Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway C410 to C414

Description: Tunnelling Electrical Distribution and Lighting System Electrical installation for KPE Expressway consisting of 8.75km underground expressway.

Completed in 2012.

• Canberra Station Signalling – In Progress

Description: Installation of signalling related equipment


• KVMRT Line 1

Description: Installation of Electrical, equipment, assist SAT & PAT and assist testing & commissioning. Project duration (April 2015 - August 2016).

Completed in 2016.

• Kuala Lumpur International Airport Track Transit System

Description: Installation, testing and commissioning of Power Rail, Power Distribution System and Automatic Train Control System for Sepang (KLIA) PTC-III. The KLIA Track Transit System consist of 2 stations, running over 1.2 km.

Completed in 1998.


• Dubai Airport Automatic People Mover System

Description: Power Distribution System, Signalling, Communication & Platform Screen Door.

Completed in 2011.

• Dubai Metro Route 2020 Expansion Work – In Progress

Description: Installation of Power Distribution System Tie-in Work

- Power & Infrastructures


• Tuas Undersea Tunnel Project

Description: Complete electrical and instrumentation system including earthing system, lightning protection system, power cable circuit cooling system and tunnel ventilation system for Tuas Terminal Station, Pioneer Terminal Station and cable tunnels.

Completed in 2006

• Tuas Incineration Plant

Description: Electrical & Instrumentation Works at Tuas Incineration Plant.

Completed in 2005

• Pulau Seraya Power Station Stage 1, 2 and 3

Description: Erection of HT & LT Switchgear, Transformer, Control Panel, Batteries, UPS, laying of 66kV HT cable complete with Termination, laying of 300km HT, LT & Control cables, 15km cable ladder and related work.

Completed in 2001

• PUB – Senoko Power Station Gas Turbine Unit 1, 2, 3 & 4, Singapore

Description: Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical & Instrumentation Works for Filter House.

Completed in 2000

• Kampong Java 230kV Gas-insulated Switchgears Sub-station, Singapore

Description: Installation of 230kV gas-insulated switchgears, 22 kV and 38kV ter-switchgears, shunt reactors, earthing resistors and transformer, relay and control panels, high voltage and low voltage cables, cable supporting system and termination of high voltage and low voltage cables.

Completed in 1998

• Labrador and Ayer Rajah 400kV Sub-station

Description: Electrical Installation of 400kV and 230kV Switchgear, Ancillary Equipment and Accessories for Labrador and Ayer Rajah Sub-station.

Completed in 1996


• Tanjung Bin 3 x 700MW Coal Fire Power Plant, Malaysia

Description: Installation of Equipment, Cable Support, MV, LV & Instrument Cable & Tubing for 3 Boilers.

Completed in 2006

• Jimah Power Plant at Port Dickson, Malaysia

Description: Installation and Testing of Electrical and Instrumentation work for Jimah Power Plant at Port Dickson.

Completed in 2006

• Panglima 710MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant at Melaka

Description: Construction, erection & commissioning of combined cycle power plant. Consists of 2 gas turbine and 1 steam turbine.

Completed in 2002

• Vale Onshore & Offshore

Description: Electrical And Instrumentation erection for Onshore and Offshore. Project duration (Apr 2013 - July 2014)

Completed in 2014

- Pharmaceutical Sector


• Balzac Project @ Aventis Pharma

Description: Electrical Works For Non Process & Utilities Facilities

Completed in 2009

• Genentech ECP1 Singapore

Description: Electrical & Instrumentation Works

Completed in 2009

- Wafer Sector


• Ulu Pandan NEWater Design,Build, Own & Operate (DBOO0 Project—Electrical, I & C Package)

Description: Lighting Fittings, SSO, Isolators, Cable Support, LV Cables, Termination Work, Pipe Works, Lighting & Earthling, etc.

Completed in 2007.


• High Grade Water Reclamation Plant at MK13 Lot99486T at Kranji (Contract 5)

Description: Complete Electrical works, telephone system, data system & CCTV System

Completed in 2009

• Chartered (Fab2, 3, SMP &7)

Description: Design, supply & installation of Tap-off Units, DBs, Transformer & Cabling for Hookup of Wafer Fab Tools.

Completed in 2009.

• Toa Payoh EWS Clean Room Package No. TPY A05

Description: Electrical & Instrumentation Works

Completed in 2007

• Upgrading of Main Intake Supply from 22kV to 66kV for STMicroelectronics Plants

Description: Design, supply and installation of Electrical Services for Fit-up consisting of HT Cabling, Busbar System, PNL Panels & Main Switchboard, Tap-off units, DBs, Transformer & Cabling for Hookup of WaferFab Tools.

Completed in 2010


• MEMC Solar Wafer Plant

Description: Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Electrical Services for Fit-up consisting of Transformers, Generators, HT Cabling, Busbar System, Electrical Main and Sub Panels, Main Switchboard, Tap-off units, & Cabling for Hookup of WaferFab Tools.

Completed in 2011

- Data Centre


• PUB – Telin Data Centre

Description: Electrical & Instrumentation Works at Telin Data Centre.

Completed in 2017

- Offshore & Marine


• Bohai Phase II Development Project

Description: Electrical and instrumentation works for Floating Production, Storage & Offloading Vessel (FPSO).

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