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With our tradition of service excellence, high quality of work and zero loss-time accidents,Concordsuccessfully achieves customer satisfaction leading to repeat orders from our regular customers. Customer commendations as well as referrals have steadily increased our clientele in the region over the last 25 years.

- Transportation Sector


• C753 North East Line MRT System

Description: Power Distribution System & Power Control Cabling with 1 Depot, 16 Stations, 18km track length (Double Track) Completed in 2006

• C775 North East Line MRT System

Description: Installation, Testing and Pre-commissioning for the whole NEL 16km MRT System. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Services for NEL Sector-1. Completed in 2006

• Circle Line Stage I, II, IV, V & Kim Chuan Depot

Description: The Circle Line project with a total length of 33.3km, with 29 stations and interchange with East-West, North-East and North-South lines.

Circle Line Main Depot Stage 1, 2, 4 and 5 for the installation of stations and tunnels that consists of 22kV GIS Equipment, traction equipment and cabling works.

Completed in 2010.

• C801 Bukit Panjang LRT System

Description: Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the Power Rail, Power Distribution System & Automatic Train Control System for Bukit Panjang LRT – 14.5km, 1 Depot and 15 Stations.

Completed in 2000.

• C810 Punggol LRT

Description: Installation of Power Distribution System and signaling cabling works. Punggol LRT comprises of 15 stations in two loops, covering 10.3km.

Completed in 2006

• Singapore Changi Airport, Automated People Mover System (PMS)

Description: Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Power Distribution System. Installation includes Transformer, Traction Equipment, Signal and Communication Equipment, High Tension and Low Tension.

It comprises of 10 trains, 7 stations and 6.5km of elevated tracks – a new PMS which provides seamless inter-terminal transportation.

Completed in 2006.

• MRT NS EW Line Re-signalling - In Progress

Description: East West and North South Lines re signaling. Installation of cable support system and signalling equipment. Cable laying in station platforms and depots. Fault finding, Post Installation Check Out (PICO) Test and assist in Testing & Commissioning. De commissioning of old equipment. 14 zones, 60 stations and 3 depots for total 100 KM


• Dubai Metro Red & Green Line

Description: Concord participated in both the Power Distribution System and Signaling System installation. Electrical cabling work for Dubai Metro Project-station depot, AFC,PSD, Trackside 33 kv , Trackside PDS.

The Red Line consists of 52km, 29 stations and 2 Depots and the Green Line with 18 stations and 1 Depot over 23km.

Completed in 2009/2011 respectively.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Makkah – Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Project

Description: Overhead Power Catenary System Installation and Signalling, Communication, PA and CCTV System.

Completed in 2010.


• Lusail LRT – In Progress

Description: Installation of communication system for Lusail LRT network. The network will consist of 4 main tram lines that span 33.1km and 37 passenger train stations, including 26 at ground level, ten underground and 1 elevated interchange station.

• Doha Metro Power Distribution System – In Progress

Description: Supply and installation of Power Distribution System (3 lines, 75km, 37 stations).

• Doha Metro (Signal) – In Progress

Description: Installation of signalling and communications system.


• Macau LRT Phase 1 – In Progress

Description: Supply and installation of HVAC and Electrical Services. Macau LRT: 9.3km, 11 stations.

- Power & Infrastructure


• Cable Tunnel System (EW2) – In Progress

Description: 6.8 km of Cable Tunnel, Installation of Electrical equipment such as Transformer, AVR, UPS, ELV System

• Sembcorp Energy from Waste Plant (Hyundai – HEC JV) – In Progress

Description: Installation of Electrical & Instrumentation equipment & devices. Assistance in Testing & Commissioning.


• Lhoist EIA004, EIA005, EIA006, EIA007, EIA008 (Sorbacal plant), EIA019

Description: Electrical, instrumentation, engineering, supply, installation testing and commissioning.

Completed in 2016.

• Tanjung Bin 4 - 1000MW Coal Fire Power Plant

Description: Electrical and instrumentation works for 1000MW coal fired power plant.

Competed in 2016.

• Rapid Project Pkg 4 Refinery & Crackers Sdn Bhd (Petronas) - In Progress

Description: Supply and installation of Electrical and Instrumentation.

- Petrochemical


• Singapore Gasification HUB Project at Jurong Island

Description: Electrical and instrumentation work for Singapore Gasification HUB project at Jurong Island.

Completed in 2000.

• Sembawang Utilities and Terminal - Pulau Sakra 1B, 1C, 1D

Description: Electrical & Instrumentation Works for Sembawang Utilities and Terminal at Pulau Sakra.

Completed in 2005

• Pulau Sebarak Oil Storage Terminal

Description: Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire Protection System at Palau Sebarok Terminal. Electrical and instrumentation work for 6 product storage tanks with total capacity of 120,000 with Jetty Facilities, Pump Pad, Power House and Control Room.

Completed in 2001

• Pulau Pesek Mobile CCR/Aromatics Tankages Project

Description: Installation of electrical and instrumentation of package consisting of 12 tankages, 6 pump pad, Electrical power house, control building and Related facilities.

- Wafer Fab & Facilities


• Ulu Pandan NEWater Design,Build, Own & Operate (DBOO0 Project—Electrical, I & C Package)

Description: Lighting Fittings, SSO, Isolators, Cable Support, LV Cables, Termination Work, Pipe Works, Lighting & Earthling, etc.

Completed in 2007.


• High Grade Water Reclamation Plant at MK13 Lot99486T at Kranji (Contract 5)

Description: Complete Electrical works, telephone system, data system & CCTV System

Completed in 2009

• Chartered (Fab2, 3, SMP &7)

Description: Design, supply & installation of Tap-off Units, DBs, Transformer & Cabling for Hookup of Wafer Fab Tools.

Completed in 2009.

• Toa Payoh EWS Clean Room Package No. TPY A05

Description: Electrical & Instrumentation Works

Completed in 2007

• Upgrading of Main Intake Supply from 22kV to 66kV for STMicroelectronics Plants

Description: Design, supply and installation of Electrical Services for Fit-up consisting of HT Cabling, Busbar System, PNL Panels & Main Switchboard, Tap-off units, DBs, Transformer & Cabling for Hookup of WaferFab Tools.

Completed in 2010

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